Herbert H.
If you want to find the BEST Spanish Potato Balls I ever had. You need to try this place it really great, clean and the staff is super NICE. They even had Bubble Tea and Smoothies WOW if was great. For dessert I bought the Chocolate Fudge Cake, and licked the spoon. I bought a Chocolate Mousse home but then smash it in the car it was so good. I went back inside the mall then bought another one.
briana thomas
Work in progress, I can see the great potential of this shop once the kinks are worked out :) workers are super sweet. The menus were hard to read due to technical issues with the screens but I believe it was Chef Rogers who helped me decide what I wanted, so friendly and kind. I also listened while others ordered as well and I must say the customer service is on point :)
Tracy Rudzinski
We stopped in the Macaron Cafe (not sure about the Grill part, they seemed to just have baked goods and Boba but they were closing the store to move to a new location so idk). Even in the flurry of packing the gals working the business took the time to explain to us what they had for sale. The macarons and gobs were delightful. I wish you gals luck in the new storefront!
Magan Volino
My husband, my daughter and myself were in Ohio this weekend and we needed something to do while it was raining outside. We decided to visit the South Park mall. While we were there my daughter seen the bubble tea sign so we stopped in. We purchased 3 different teas and 6 macrons. All were super good. The young lady working on Friday 3/31 was truly awesome. She recommended some drinks and she was spot on!
Alicia Wendling
Wonderful! A nice little cafe tucked away in the mall. The bubble tea is wonderful and I appreciate having a milk base option instead of tea. The real star is their bubble waffles and ice cream. There’s a bit of a wait for them but they are well worth it. Also got a chance to talk to the new assistant manager. She had wonderful customer service, a very likable personality, and seemed very passionate about her role. Very excited to go back, especially after hearing some of the improvements they have in the pipeline.
Анастасия Игнатенко
Absolutely loved everything here! The wonderful people who were making the drinks definitely knew what they were doing. We got an iced coffee, bubble tea and a smoothie and all tasted great! On top of that we tried a set of 12 macarons and those tasted great. Coconut was my personal favorite, but the recommendation of earl grey and violet wine were 👌the only thing- you have to pay for the quality, the place is a bit price, but totally worth it. Definitely recommend!
Jen Lawson
The best Macarons I have ever had! 🙂
Briana Hogston
Delicious gelato and Macaroons. highly recommend Taro. The lady was extremely friendly. Their shop uses local products only and freshly made on site. definitely worth a visit.